The Creatress

Hi, I’m Roxanne Miranda, owner and creative at Crystal & Gold. Some might call me a flower child and I wouldn’t disagree. I have been blessed with a lot of love in my life and I strive to reflect that love right back out into the world. My jewelry is a statement of that mission. I like to make people feel good, because when we feel good we can more easily show up as our best selves. That is my intention.

The Vision

Crystal & Gold is my collaboration with The Earth. I pair raw crystals with delicate designs that accentuate their organic perfection. I believe crystals are The Earth’s expression of beauty. When we wear them we are reminded of our own beauty, and so they become tiny little pieces of empowerment to support or journey.

The Physical

All my work in handcrafted in Northern California. I use genuine crystals that support small business and ethical practice. The clear quartz has been hand gathered from the California mountains! If you have questions about crystals, a specific intention you are desiring in your life, or any other thoughts to share please contact me!