My Offering

We are GODDESS. DIVINITY in human form.

We deserve to be celebrated. Healed. LOVED. Held sacred.

I offer an extension of spirit in my creations. An reflection of our HIGHEST SELF. The energy we wish to call in. The vibration we wish to embody. Living in alignment with our TRUE ESSENCE. 

We are an expression of LOVE. And love comes in many forms. It is the joy felt when living to our highest potential. When we have acknowledged our fears and blockages. We have looked our shadows straight in the eye. Thanked them. Embraced them. Loved them for being a part of us. And let them go. Our shadows are part of what makes us beautifully human and we honor them for their teachings. We do not ignore or deny them. We acknowledge and explore, but do not dwell. We do not allow them to consume because we are also LIGHT. And we are meant to SHINE.

What makes you shine? What makes you feel at peace in your body, mind and spirit? What makes you feel ecstatic? Close your eyes and paint the vision of your unique self freedom and joy. Allow the feeling of this vision to fill your body. Breath it in to your heart and smile.

You are the artist of your life. Paint with the intention of creating something beautiful. Set your intention and walk with integrity. You are WORTHY. You are SACRED. You are the embodiment of LOVE.

My intention is that these creations support you on your journey. I love you for ALL that you are.

<3 Roxanne

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