Embody Your Inner Goddess

There is so much depth to what makes you, YOU. You are SPIRIT. And you are body. You are the collaboration of lifetimes of experience. You hold the potential of the UNIVERSE. 

Our bodies carry our INFINITE spirit. Allowing us to be conscious of living. Allowing us to navigate through life. Our bodies truly are the temples of our spirit. The carrier of our true essence. A physical reflection of our deeper layers.

Your BODY is your TEMPLE! 

When we celebrate and love the skin we live in, we move closer towards spirit embodiment. Bridging the physical with the spiritual, we consciously chose how we reflect our spirits to the outer world. How we care for our bodies. What we BELIEVE about our bodies. The MESSAGES we send to our bodies by thought, word, and action.

Do you LOVE the skin you're in? You should. Because you're fucking perfect. Yes, PERFECT. Remembering this is vital to our well being and our spirit's ability to FLOURISH and BLOSSOM! Your spirit is calling. And she wants you to love YOU. Every little part.

Imagine the HIGHEST version of yourself. The most aligned and celebrated version of you. The GODDESS you are. How can we begin to embody her TODAY. How does she feel? How does she speak? What kind of thoughts does she choose to focus on? Where does she put the most of her energy? How does she present herself to the world? How can you begin to embody her today? Bring her into reality. Bring her into the PRESENT.

That is my wish in offering these creations to you. High vibration adornments that reflect your inner GODDESS. Talismans of healing crystals. Future heirlooms of the matriarchal lineage. Worn by women living in alignment with their highest selves. Worn by YOU. 

I love you for ALL that you are.

Roxanne MirandaComment