Get Grounded: 5 Practices for Grounding + Root Chakra Crystals

Getting grounded. You know the feeling. When everything feels stable and supported. You are in your body and can feel your feet firmly planted on the ground. Things slow down and there is room to breathe, room to be.

You probably know the opposite feeling as well. Too much in your head. Loosing direction and focus. Everything seems to be swirling around you at high speed. What do you do?

Get Grounded! Here are 5 practices for grounding including root chakra crystals and their power…

  1. TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF. Go outside, find a piece of Earth (a park if you live in a city) and take your shoes off. No, I am not joking. This is number one on my list for a reason. It works and there is science to prove it. You can learn more about Earthing here. But beyond the scientific facts is our our intuitive knowing that connecting with the Earth is healthy. It’s natural and it feels so good. Bring awareness to the bottoms of your feet as you do this. Can you feel that connection? Know you are supported and let the Earth’s energy heal you.

  2. GET INTO NATURE. Being surrounded by the stimulation of human made everything (I’m talking cars, roads, buildings, billboards, etc.) can be very ungrounding. It is a lot of information for our brains to process. When we are in nature things are able to slow down. We remember our roots and the earth we came from. Immerse yourself into nature with no agenda. Allow yourself to drop into the present moment and just observe your surroundings and breathe.

  3. MEDITATE ON YOUR ROOT. In meditation, or on your barefoot walk, bring your awareness to the parts of your body that are touching the earth. This means the soles of your feet if you’re walking or your sits bones and root of your spine if you are sitting. Feel the sensation of gravity keeping you connected to the Earth. Breathe into this sensation and know that you are home. In your body, on this Earth, you are home. Allow this feeling to fill you.

  4. DAILY AFFIRMATIONS. The power of your thought has created your reality. This is a very important and potent truth that we can examine in a later blog. I will put a link once it is written but for now, know that every idea you ever put into action began as a thought. Every idea you never put into action began as a thought as well. When our mind manifests thoughts, it is up to us to choose which ones we listen to and which ones we disregard. This takes a very high level of awareness that you can cultivate with practice. Let’s begin with an affirmation (or mantra, in the yoga text). Our affirmation for grounding is:


    When you practice your affirmation, fill your body with the feeling of it’s truth. Repeat this affirmation to yourself everyday. Try writing it down and taping it to your mirror. Try recording yourself saying it and listen to it on your commute. I will write more about affirmation practices in a later blog and put a link here, but know that you can always contact me with questions.

  5. ROOT CHAKRA CRYSTALS. Our root chakra is the energy center of grounding. In our body, it is located at the base of our spine. When our root chakra is balanced and vibrant we feel stable and secure. There are many crystals that inspire this root chakra energy and here are a few:


    As with all crystals, I always remind my clients that the most important thing is for you to feel a connection to the crystal. I will write more about my thoughts on crystal healing and put a link here, but for now know that crystals are the Earth in high vibration form. Let them remind you of your own high vibration as you wear them. Feel their power and feel your own. That is where the real magic comes from. You are powerful. You are a child of this Earth. You are home.

You can see handcrafted root chakra crystal jewelry here.

If you feel ungrounded and seek more support I would love to help you. You can reach me here.

Sending you all my love and support. I see you.


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